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Wood Seasoning Beeswax
Wood Seasoning Beeswax
Wood Seasoning Beeswax
Wood Seasoning Beeswax
Wood Seasoning Beeswax
Wood Seasoning Beeswax

Wood Seasoning Beeswax

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Are you still worrying about moldy and difficult-to-remove stains on wooden floors and wooden furniture? With Mintiml™ Wood Seasoning Beeswax, you can refresh your furniture with just one swipe.

  • Mintiml™ Wood Seasoning Beeswax promises to bring you the best beeswax products, all product ingredients are taken from nature. We have the concept of environmental protection and practice it in our products.


Features of Mintiml™ Wood Seasoning Beeswax:
▶Safe ingredients
▶No pollution and no additives
▶Suitable for all wooden furniture
▶Baby safety

Main Features

  • ❤ Natural Ingredients
    This wood wax is made entirely of natural beeswax. Natural beeswax is taken from Mintiml™'s self-built beeswax factory. The beeswax is manually picked daily. It has an exclusive patented filling process and filters natural impurities. It does not contain paraffin, and is safe and healthy.
  • ❤ Rebirth
    Use this wood flavored beeswax to bring dull furniture back to life. Remove years of wax and dirt, restore the appearance of old furniture, and give them a natural luster!
  • ❤ High-quality Cleaning
    Remove abrasion marks, grease and dirt on the painted surface. Can be used safely on all types of wood.
  • ❤ Easy To Use
    Just use a natural sponge to dip the beeswax, aim at the dirt, and wipe a few times to observe the disappearance of the accumulated objects for many years. Suitable for all wooden furniture and floors.
  • ❤ Multiple Uses
    General wood flavored beeswax not only cleans and polishes your wooden furniture, but also polishes teak wood, antique or modern furniture, tables, chairs, floors, benches, etc.

Using Methods!

Suitable for working on a variety of wood!


    Net Content
    • 80±5G
    Shelf Life
    • About 5 years
    Package Contents
    • Wood Seasoning Beeswax 
    • Polishing sponge
    Drying Time About 30min
    Deep Moisturizing Time About 15h